Our Story

Pashma was born of the jungle

He was raised by the animals and birds

Through them he learnt the stories of the fruits and the art of methai

Pashma shared his happiness

Far away in the mountain kingdom, the Maharaja’s beautiful daughter only saw the sadness in the world

The Maharaja sent his messengers across all the kingdoms searching for a cure

The finest cloths, slippers and jewels were found

Jugglers, acrobats and musicians arrived, yet none brought an answer

One morning, a rider brought a small casket of Pashma’s sweets

The eyes of the princess sparkled and she smiled

The people rejoiced and Pashma was invited to the palace

The Maharaja offered his kingdom and his daughter to Pashma

The princess and Pashma were in love

They married but returned to the jungle preferring a life creating methai and sharing stories

They lived a long and happy life together